GTF jetroll United

15 500.00грн

Mini Segway GTF jetroll is a new high-tech vehicle with excellent quality and elegant style. Due to brand standards GTF, embodying the benefits and achievements of British quality self-balancing scooter provides you with a comfortable and safe movement.
Elegant design of monorover emphasize the originality and character of its owner. Framework is made of durable ABS plastic in different gloss colours, will be bright and bold accent of good complement lifestyle.
Cutting-edge technology and high-tech brand GTF allow fans to ensure transport of the future reliability and guarantees maximum comfort during movement on the self-balancing scooter:

The powerful 300-watt electric motor make it easy and intuitive to ride the jetroll without a rudder exciting adventure, full of inspiring positive emotions and sensations.
GTF jetroll is produced from aluminum and strong ABS plastic however equipped with a battery of the original Samsung elements, which prolongs the duration of the active ride on Smart self-balancing scooter.

Monorover GTF jetroll - is not only a device for easy and comfortable movement that delights millions of people in different parts of the world, is part of a new lifestyle. It will give vivid emotions, emphasize originality and allowed to become part of the contemporary world of new technologies, in which nothing is impossible.