T-Robot W

SKU: Robot W
190 000.00грн

The T-ROBOT-W is the self-balancing personal transportation vehicle of choice for public services, including the Chinese police, army and customs officers, as well as civilian patrol personnel,

Range Per Charge :40-60km


- Seat and stand
- Dual-CPU Redundancy Control
- Intelligent online fault detection
- One-touch Auxiliary brake
- 4.3" LCD Digital Meter
- Fault-tolerant Servo-Motor
- Multi-language Human Voice Alarm
- Long life quiet speed reducer
- Fashion industry modeling
- Beautiful and practical accessory case
- Embeded headlights
- Brake warning light
- LED steering lamp
- Meet the driving habits's Horizontal steering
- Multi-terrain tubeless tire
- RFID security systems
- Customizable safe speed limit setting
- Customizable multi-field decals.